5 things to check while going for Sanskrit tattoos translation online

Published: 27th June 2011
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If you have decided that you would like to have a Sanskrit tattoo translated from some online services, you need to take extra care because lots of times, the translation stands incorrect. This is mainly because of the reason that the service provider thinks that nobody can claim his translation to be wrong because nobody is perfect in Sanskrit. However, this is a wrong notion. Lots of people understand Sanskrit quite well and if somebody hails from India, it becomes quite easy to notice whether the translation is faulty or not.

Below are some points that users can take care while ordering an online Sanskrit tattoo translation:

1. Make sure you yourself understand some finer aspects of the script. The script used for Sanskrit tattoos should be devnagiri.
2. It should read from left to right. If you are looking for a vertical tattoo, even then, the horizontal arrangement of the words should convey the meaning correctly.
3. Check if it is in Hindi because Hindi also uses the same script and in fact Marathi also has almost the same script.
4. If possible, get a second opinion on your tattoo. Possibly, by typing some letters in Google search engine. It helps in deciphering whether it is Hindi or Sanskrit.
5. Never use online Sanskrit dictionaries because all of them are faulty and do not provide accurate meaning of the words in Sanskrit. More often than not, they are generated by users and have meanings in Hindi only. Online Sanskrit dictionaries suffer from great apathy because it is very hard to provide a simple Sanskrit dictionary given that the words change with context and same words can be used for different meanings in different contexts.

If you take care of the above things, you certainly would be able to make sure that the translation you get is more accurate than the famous celebrities who end up making a fun of them by tattooing themselves with wrong translation. It is better to pay for the translation because it gives more chances of the translation to be correct. Getting free translation for your Sanskrit tattoos is a tricky move. Donít do it until you are 100% sure that the person is well-versed in the language and can provide you an accurate translation. Otherwise, it is better to hire professional paid services.

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